KMC Productions

Welcome to the new KMC Produtions, we are an acclaimed productions company based in Tigard Oregon. We produce Films, Video clips, Music Videos, Vlogs, and Comedy Sketches. Check out our youtube channels, Facebook pages, and enjoy the rest of the site. We are made possible, by viewers like you. Thank you.

Please Click HERE to view the KMCISF youtube channel


Our highest acclaimed drama film from Nov 2010.


KMCISF (Independant short films) is a private film and documentation company based in Tigard Oregon. We work with a very small budget and small number or actors and crew. Our main goal is to make a point, to entertain, and to show things in a diferent way than normal. We work with multiple cameras with multiple angles and audio features but we are in need of things that are budget wont allow. But if you are kind enough, there is a donations page in which you can donate any amount of money to use using PayPal.To view our old website click here.

KMC Productions was created and is run by Kenneth Collins.


KMC started in 2003 with an old cannon film camera and quickly took off. By 2006 we were working all digital and in 2007 we began using Youtube. The Original members of KMC were Ken Collins, Thomas Collins, Andrew Brion and Andrew Kringlen. Between 2007 and 2010 the team expanded greatly and created over 100 films, winning multiple awards and gaining millions of Youtube views.

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