"A Video Is Worth A Thosand Pictures" - Kenneth Collins


Welcome to KMC Entertainment, our services extend beyond the boundaries of ordinary production companies. We work not only in film, but in story and script development, acting, print, radio and a vast area of other media. Our work dedication is fueled by our passion to create mind blowing work better than anyone else around. So feel free to browse our site and see what were all about at KMC.



The teaser trailer for our upcoming November film.

Hello, This is Kenneth Collins, The founder and current Chief Executive Officer of The KMC Experience. We have worked hard in recent months to improve the way we present content to our viewers. Our main goal is to entertain through various sorts of media and content created originally by KMC. Our content is available for free on this website, Youtube, and across the web. We thank celebrities such as Smiley Brion, Norm Peterson, and Amy Roloff for helping us get where we are today. Everything we do is driven and powered by viewers like you, thank you.


As of 10/1/11 KMC Entertainment has uploaded over 2.3 million total active video views on youtube. Thank you. 

 In 2010 KMC's revenues totalled $567

KMC Productions was created and is run by Kenneth Collins and is Licensed to © KMC Ltd.

(October Revenue: $87.45)


Totall Website Viewers since 9-19-11 Below


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