Due to popular demand of our rapidly growing Youtube channel "Chonecom" we have already began shooting our new film. "The Rake" which is based off of a popular online creature. The film is being shot in three to four filming locations and is featuring KMC regulars Kenneth Collins and Logan Podpora. Eric Goessens, a fairly new member of the KMC Community has also been signed on for a leading role. Backup roles include Thomas Collins and the re-accurance of an old KMC favorite, Andrew Brion. This is going to be out first feature length film at an estimated 93 Minutes. It will be uploaded on two seprerate youtube accounts. One is parts of 15 minute segments, and one with the full film. The full film will be uploaded to Either Milliondollarprogram, or Shimmyjimhog and the parted film will be uploaded onto Chonecom. We have a seperate channel for behind the scenes information based on the film. Chonecom2