Wow, what can I say? we released the new kmc this morning and after that it was history, we gained over 10 subscribers today! (More than last week!) (still lower than previous months though...) Also our new film "The Good Man" raised almost 6,000 views in under a day. It already passed H1N1 part 1 (which had 4,000) is is trailing only two of our videos to become the most viewed. 1: Randy Johnson returns to Mariners 7,500 views 2: Normsbarstool Dub 5,900 views, and third The Good Man 5,767. Wow, in under a day. And remember that the views update every few hours so its probably more. 

    In other good news, we gained 4 facebook likes!, and we opened our online store, and donations page. Also our updated youtube channel looks good. Now were just waiting for a parternship. So i guess ill update this tomorrow. Night! - Kenneth Collins