The series Isolation was scrapped last week, along with Time Wars. Scripts werent getting completed properly, weather wouldent hold off, there was a lack of cast members, and all of our budget was focused on Inevitable Lunacy, which also has been put on the back burner. Projects that remain though, are Testing Karma, and an H1N1 part 4. Although the name for Testing Karma could possibly change, and H1N1 part 4 will actually be more like an H1N1 origins. Expect H1N1 4 to be filmed Gorilla style, not in the hand-held sense, but more of a tripodless movie. Budgets are low even though already this month we have brought in a record breaking $24 with 13 more days in the month. Last month we made $16, Jan we made $10 and Dec we made $5. So we seem to be increasing at a handsome rate. I also want to talk about KMCISF. I created the channel in order to open up space, and give a change of name. We had one strike on our old "kmcproductions0" account because we uploaded a video containing content from MLB, this ruled the channel out of  a partnership, so hopefully, with the new channel, we will gain a partnership. - Kenneth